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Affiliate Marketing, Really?

You may have heard the term "Affiliate Marketing" before and then heard many get rich quick products and schemes attached to it, along side stories of how people make tens of thousands in one day. Then you think well Affiliate Marketing must be some type of scheme or scam, get rich quick too good to be true "career". Here you will read about how making money while you sleep and making thousands in one day is actually possible but... not over night and you really only make money while you sleep after you've build something that will make you money while you sleep.

Affiliate Marketing, Think About It!

If you stop to think about it people you know of or even people you know personally actually make money in their sleep with "traditional" careers, careers like authors, product developers, bloggers and famous entertainers, how? Basically through Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is basically being associated - Affiliated with a product that is selling and keeping a portion of the profit sold on the product because you helped to get the product sold. Entertainers, movie stars, talk show hosts and athletes are some of the highest paid Affiliate Marketers because they associate themselves with products and persuade you and millions of others to buy them.

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Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

  • It IS possible for a "regular" person to become an Affiliate Marketer, you don't have to be a famous person a marketing expert, a great writer or a ground breaking inventor but having an online presence, email list or website makes it much easier and has a very litte start up costs.
  • How to become affiliated with products or services to market, there are many affiliate networks that are free to join and have programs for people just starting out with Affiliate Marketing. You can also check at products or services you are already using and inquire with the company if they have affiliate marketing programs for independent Affiliate Marketers, you will be surprised and maybe disappointed at how you could have made income from referring products or services you have already referred in the past.

11 Affiliate Networks to find Products/Services to Promote:

Always be sure to read the terms and agreement conditions of the affiliate network/program you choose to promote.

Get Started the Right Way, Don't Blow the Bank!

  • Bells and Whistles, when starting out with affiliate marketing you will have to keep your guards up, there will be many products and services thrown your way, trying to entice you, many will promise over night riches while other will leave you with regrets about not being cautious. Luckily the web is full of free online resources, one that is highly recommended is Wealthy Affiliate, it's free to get started, and you won't be asked for any payment information to join, they offer you 2 free websites and a limited time access to their online community of expert and beginner Affiliate Marketers that are active 24/7. Wealthy Affiliate does not have any contracts to commit to and their getting started lessons offer certification and are free! If you're looking for more information about Wealthy Affiliate check out this Wealthy Affiliate Details Post, since it's free to check out you can browse what they have to offer with no risk to you. Want to Check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself now, you won't be sorry!

30 Affiliate Marketing Acronyms to Know!

  1. AM = Affiliate Manager
  2. AVO = Average Order Value
  3. PPC = Pay Per Click
  4. PPL = Pay Per Lead
  5. PPA = Pay Per Action
  6. PPS = Pay Per Sale
  7. PPCall = Pay Per Call
  8. PPV = Pay Per View
  9. EPC = Earnings Per Click
  10. TOS = Terms Of Service
  11. MLM = Multi-Level Marketing
  12. CPA = Cost Per Action/Acquisition
  13. CTR = Click-Through Rate/Ratio
  14. CPM = Cost Per Thousand/Mil
  15. CPL = Cost Per Lead
  16. CPO = Cost Per Order
  17. CPS = Cost Per Sale
  18. CR = Conversion Rate/Ratio
  19. LTV = Lifetime Value
  20. PID = Publisher ID
  21. ROI = Return On Investment
  22. LP = Landing Page
  23. SID = Shopper ID
  24. SE = Search Engine
  25. SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  26. SERP = Search Engine Results Page
  27. SEM = Search Engine Marketing
  28. TOS = Terms Of Service
  29. UBE = Unsolicited Bulk Email
  30. UV = Unique Visitor

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