Make A Living Loving It Web Hosting

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Make A Living Loving It Web Hosting

Own your own domain, now what?

After you have purchased your own domain/URL you’re going to need some place to put it, this is called Hosting. Web Hosting $3.95


What is Hosting:

Hosting is like finding your domain/URL an apartment/place to live. Depending on how big you plan to have it and how much traffic (how many people will visit your site) you expect. Normally when you are just starting out a basic plan will meet your needs, but if you’re planning on having more than one you will want to have a shared hosting plan. Click here form more details in hosting plans and places you can get them.

Free Hosting:

Sometimes when you buy a domain/URL you can get free hosting or vice-verse, here are some details of plans offering such packages.
GoDaddy has a great promo with $1/ mo Hosting + Free domain! Stick it to the doubters! Put your big idea online!

Paid Hosting:

A great affordable solution for Web Hosting is Hostgator, is has incredible customer service and has a Graphical User friendly Interface (GUI).
Hosting can be purchased on a monthly frequency, hostgator has a great promo for .1 cent hosting for the first month, Hostgator is widely used for wordpress sites and has great up time and accessibility speed.
There are usually 3 stages of hosting plans, basic, shared and business see more details here.  

HostGator Web Hosting

See the latest Hostgator Promo Codes here.

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