Make A Living Loving It Niche

Picking a Topic/Niche

Make A Living Loving It Niche

When starting out, you're going to want to pick a direction to take, it's not as easy as saying I want to make money and be happy. Making money and being happy has a specific formula, but a proven formula that works, so many people are already earning full time and part time incomes doing what they love. They did so by identifying something they love doing that others would pay them for. To successfully start you have to pick a topic/niche you want to transform into revenue, you make have heard this term niche often, what does it mean? A Niche is a target topic, some people's niches can be weight loss and others can be out to loose weight by eating fiber, a niche can be as specific as you like.


How to Pick a Niche

arrow Think of something you already enjoy doing:

When you start with something you already enjoy, your chances of greater revenue and success increase because you enjoy what you are doing, are driven to work smart and efficient leading to revenue that will come in naturally.

arrow Pick something you are good at or would like to be good at:

If there is something you enjoy that you are a pro at, that would be a great niche for you to choose, but there maybe something you want to venture into but are not yet an expert at, or you may be a pro at a certain niche but would like a quick brush up or overview. In any case when you want to brush up on your chosen niche online courses are a great way to go. Online Education is often more affordable than traditional brick and mortar schools and you can take them virtually anywhere you have access to a screen, some even give you the option to download the course and view it without an internet connection.

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arrow Pick a Niche that is realistic:

Remember you are just starting out, finding something that is within your means that you can really get off the ground is important. You don't want to get into something you can barely start, if something you are thinking of requires enormous start up that you aren't equipped for, either find some help or choose something more within your means. You can always expand as your business grows.

arrow Think of Competition:

Try to choose something that isn't over saturated with competition or if it is and you are certain you can stand out among the competition then go with it. You don't want to underestimate your competition, but you don't want to let them intimidate you either, know who your up against. The competitors in the Niche you choose can teach you a lot; from what to do and what not to do!

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