Make A Living Loving It Organization for Success

Being an organized business owner/ self employed person has so much importance. Besides saving yourself time, giving yourself a professional look and feel you establish a sense of quality that attracts more clients and revenue. By choosing to stay organized you position yourself for long term success.


Ways to Get & Stay Organized:

  • Keep Your Work Space Tidy

    • When you first begin your venture defining a space where you can work comfortably attributes to a great deal of your success. When that space is tidy and inviting, the task of completing your everyday "To Do's" become more efficient and successful. When you enter a space littered with clutter it takes focus away from the importance of what you are trying to do, and is very distracting. Keep your eye on the prize, give yourself plenty of room to grow your success!
  • Create a To Do List

    • Having a "To Do List", can greatly increases productivity, because it keeps you focused on what needs to be done to reach your goals, plus each time you complete a task off the list you get to either cross it out, wipe it off the eraser board, or mark it as completed. This feeling is a great feeling that drives you to continuing accomplishing what needs to be done to grow your revenue.
  • Schedule

    • Creating a schedule is you saying to yourself I will map out the steps to my own success, without a schedule it's like setting out into the great unknown waiting to get lost. Click here for more details on how to create a schedule that will lead you to you goal.
  • Keep Track

    • Document the events of the day/week/month, either take notes of importance instances, or keep a journal where you can log or write a brief summary of the activities you performed, keep it dated, that will help you when you need to back track or repeat steps to repeat a successful completed project.
  • Keep a Clear Budget

    • Giving yourself a reasonable budget, is key to success because if your success means making a large revenue you're going to have to keep an eye on it. When you don't watch the money that's going in and out, you're likely to find yourself out of money in the end. Click here for more details on how to create a budget that will keep your revenue high.

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