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Make A Living Loving It Write for Print Opportunities

Since Online Blogging has seem to take over in the past few years, many professional writers or aspiring writers seem to think that is the only way to get work. But great traditions don't fade with the times, there is still opportunity and money to make writing for print outlets, hold on to your pen and typewriter if that what inspires you, opportunities in print writing still exist!

Print Writing Opportunities:

  • Where to Find Them:

    • Pick up your favorite local paper, check it for contact information, you may only find a contact for advertisements, but if you write to that email address you are likely to be redirected.
    • Print Outlet Website, check if the print outlet you want to write for has a website, click on the contact and inquire on how to submit writing submissions.
    • Check your local phone book and make a call, business still have phones and if speaking to someone is more your thing look up the Print outlet in the phone book or online business directory and give them a call. Click here for a popular one.

    Writing Job Listing:

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