Make A Living Loving It Return of Investment ROI

Maximize your Return of Investment

Make A Living Loving It Return of Investment ROI

When ever you invest, be it your cash, capital or even time you always want to ensure you get a good return. A good Return on Investment (ROI) is a good indication that your investment was a smart move in the first place, developing good ROI helps you to watch the market and eventually create a pattern on how to grow your revenue. Investing over mindless spending is normally a smart move, but investing and not paying attention to your ROI is just as senseless as mindless spending.


5 Things to Consider to Maximize your ROI:

  • Know your Investment:

    • Be knowledgeable or at least have a working idea of what you invest your finances in, never give your hard earned money away to someone who flashes you some jazz without any real information, if you do this you might as well throw your cash in the streets.
  • Consider Time Frame:

    • Know how long your funds will be tied up for, and when your first payout if any will be. Be sure that your investment's value is reasonably available to you when you need it.
  • Watch Trends:

    • History has a funny way of repeating itself, although the market can fluctuate often, knowing how trends affect your investment is important when trying to factor in a good return. If you invest in snow shovels and at that time of year there is heavy snow expected you're likely to see a good return.

  • Diversify

    • Because markets fluctuate wildly, you don't want to have all your eggs in the proverbial "one basket", if a major investment goes down, you want to be sure you have your money growing somewhere else to soften the blow.
  • Know your Competition:

    • Always be aware or have an idea of what the other guys are doing, so you don't miss out on the opportunity yourself. Your investments will be better equipped to grow when it is familiar with it's surroundings.

*Rates and conditions on all financial products, change frequently so ensure you have a contact on hand, (that you are comfortable with) of the financial institution you do business with so you can keep up to date and have your questions answered when they arise.

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