Make A Living Loving It Make a Schedule

Make a Schedule

Make A Living Loving It Make a Schedule

You will soon find out when you begin your venture to make your own revenue, that time is money. There is a great quote from Jean Clervil

“Procrastination is telling your dream to wait”

when you set out to live your dream and turn your passion into income, possibly your full time income not creating a scheduling will leave you drowning in procrastination. Creating a schedule for yourself is literally mapping out your own success, when you set out your schedule serves as your map to get you to your goal. When you give yourself real and realistic dates and follow them, you will find yourself with real revenue not just dreaming about it.


Tips on How to Schedule Successfully:

arrow Plan Ahead

Since you are already have it in your mind that you will turn your passion into revenue, look ahead Planning out your day is great, but if you can look at the bigger picture you're looking at a bigger time frame for success, try to schedule your week and even month and eventually your will be planning out a successful year.

arrow Schedule with Energy Levels in Mind:

Often since doing things you're not always fond of takes more energy from you, you will want to schedule them in first or when you know you have the most energy so you won't run out of steam and not complete the task. Also the sooner you complete something you see as "Work" the less time you have dreading to do it. Get it over with and make more time for the fun stuff! When you make a living doing what you love, you will find that it will come naturally and find yourself less drained than if you were working somewhere you absolutely didn't want to be. When you can turn your passion into revenue, it will energize you and you will see great returns.

arrow Prioritize Tasks:

Give tasks a weight of importance, and obviously do what is important first so that everything can run smoothly. Once you have a good schedule in place you will find that you will find a natural rhythm, you will naturally complete the important tasks first and experience much less stress in the long run.

arrow Schedule Time Frames:

It is so easy to get lost in something you love that you loose all track of time and unfortunately in the business world potential to make good earnings, because time is money. Same goes for when you are stuck with a problem and can't seem to let it go. When you give your tasks and allotted time frames it allows you to move on and advance and not get lost or stuck and eventually running out of time and sabotaging your productivity. Or worse leave you with no leisure time!

arrow Schedule Breaks:

It's great to really get things done and complete multiple tasks, but you want to have the energy to enjoy your success. Everyone knows that too much of anything, even what you love, runs the risk of you falling out of love with it and becoming something you dread. Scheduling breaks is important because, it's a time to realign, refuel and you will find yourself more inspired and efficient.

arrow Schedule a Good Healthy Meal:

When you are faced with a mountain of tasks to complete, we often forget to eat or make mealtime an after thought. Everyone knows the power of the stomach, when you don't feed it, it will cloud your thoughts and change your mood. Scheduling for a good healthy meal is so important because you will think less about the fact that you are hungry, you'll have more energy and a well balanced meal with leave you fit and looking good when you finally reach your goal. Grabbing quick take out meals that aren't healthy and high in calories and fat with give you another big thing to worry about, your physique, and when you are a success you want a matching healthy look and feel!

arrow Keep Active:

If you allow yourself to be tied to a desk all day, you will soon tire of it and find your energy levels low and seem disinterested in pursuing your goals. Keeping active will boost your energy and keep you fit. Something as simple as taking a walk, it can clear your mind and keep you in shape.

arrow Schedule Time to Network:

This is important on so may levels, when you have a product or service to sell you want people to know, you want to make contacts so that more people know first hand what you, your product or service is all about. Networking also keeps you in people's mind so that they are more likely to buy from or refer you. A great thing you can do is combine scheduling strategies, schedule a great healthy meal or keeping active with Networking. Why not have a meeting with someone over a great meal, or jog with someone already successful in your field. You'll find it's the most successful people who have time to eat well and keep active, because they know it's a big part of being successful.

arrow Schedule Proper Sleep:

No sugar coating it, Sleep is IMPORTANT! Don't stay up at night worrying about what you have do tomorrow, allow yourself to rest, dream and drift away so that your body recharges and you meet tomorrow's tasks with a clear mind and energized body.

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