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Make A Living Loving It Entertainment Opportunities

Do you feel absolutely at home on stage or crave the lime light? Well if you think a career in the entertainment is only something in your wildest dreams, think again. Everyday people make a living doing what they love in the entertainment industry and they do so by putting themselves out there. It can be as easy as signing up for auditions alerts or researching listings.
  Remember the entertainment industry needs people of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds, you may not be the next top model or maybe you are, but remember the entertainment industry is an industry made of real people making real income living their dream, you just have to start.


Entertainment Industry Careers:

  • What you Need to Start:

    • Photo of yourself, when doing auditions will often be asked for a "head shot" this is a photo of just you shoulders up. You don't have to get fancy when just starting off, if you have a great photo of yourself (selfie) you can use that. Also body shots may be required, a photo of your entire body and head.
    • Your stats, you'll find that when you do more and more auditions or meet with casting agents, you will be asked for your "stats" it's basically your height, weight, hair color or any unique physical characteristic.
    • Your talent sample one thing you might find handy is to have a sample of your talent, if you're auditioning for voice over work having a sample of you reading is great to have, you can record that on your smart phone and have it handy if you need to email an agency a sample of your voice .
    • Gusto remember you will never get cast if casting agencies never meet or hear about you, get your gusto and put yourself out there, sign up for notifications, and look out for casting listings.

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