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Paid Social Media Jobs

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Paid Social Media Jobs


Paid Social Media Jobs:

As social media becomes a bigger and bigger part of our lives, we find ourselves connected many times engaging and sharing our times and life events. It’s rare to find someone who has never hear of social media, if this is the case an you’d like to learn more check this out.


You may have heard that there are Paid Social Media Jobs, and think that’s a good one, who would pay me to spend time on Facebook, Pin on Pinterest, or tweet!?! The answer to that is nearly every successful company is highly invested in social media and often on the hunt for people just like you who know their way around Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. See how they’ll higher you over someone else here. Paid Social Media careers are known to make about $700/week, not bad for doing something you're already doing!


Large and small successful businesses know that so many people spend hours a day, on social media and that buying online has become so common and easy that not having a social media presence would be like unheard of. Smart companies know that selling power really is at the tips of your fingers especially on social media.


Paid Social Media Jobs:

As mentioned above, paid social media jobs are everywhere, you can contact many local businesses directly or just do a search online for social media job titles such as “Social Media Manager”, “Social Media Specialist” or “Social Media Marketer”, or if you’re already to jump in and get paid doing what you love on social media you can find more here. Another way to get started in this field is to look for, social media intern positions.


When applying for paid social media jobs you want to ensure that, you are familiar with Posts, shares, reaches, pins and how to follow other people or groups on social media. It’s a great job where you can do what you already love doing, at a job you wish you weren’t at. Wouldn’t it be great the next time you’re on Facebook no one reprimands you cause you’re Working!


Check out this great infographic from about how America's Retailers Are Spending on Social Media.




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