Make A Living Loving It Google Search Like a Boss

Google Search Like a Boss

Make A Living Loving It Google Search Like a Boss
Learn how to use symbols/search Operators to target your search to bring you the best search results!

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Google Search with Symbols:

Symbol How it Works
+ Find Google Pages or Blood types
Examples: +Chrome or AB+
@ Find social tags
Examples: @ohboyloveit
$ Find prices
Examples: Cake $50
# Find trending hashtags
Examples: #Love
- Use to exclude a word in your search (useful with Homonyms)
Examples: dog bark -tree
" Find exact phrases
Examples: "Google Search Like a Boss"
* Use (asterisk) as a wildcard.
Examples: "Earn millions doing *"
.. Find ranges within numbers
Examples: Vacations $200..$1000

Google Search with Search Operators:

Search Operator How it Works
site: Search from a specif domain
Examples: games or books
link: Find links that go to a specific page
related: Return sites that are similar to what you are looking for
OR Get results for sites using words with the same meaning (synonyms)
Examples: cars OR automobiles
info: Return info about websites such as cached pages, similar pages and links to that page.
cache: View a page as Google last viewed it

Search Image with Google:

  • Search images with Google on Chrome.
  • Select Image
  • Right Click
  • From Menu Select "Search Google for this Image"
Google Search Image

Source: Google Search Help

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