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Get Online

Make A Living Loving It  Get Online
When you make the decision to start working from home, working for yourself or turning your hobby/ passion into a career one of the best decisions you can make is to get online. You don’t necessarily have to get your own website, but having an online presence has become so important these days. Here’s why, computers are in the hands of millions ranging from the age of 2 to 100 or maybe even older and people with computers in hand are all potential customers who can increase your revenue. We live in a world immersed with technology no matter what angle you look at it, phones have become hand held computers, WI-Fi is becoming readily available and even free in all corners of the world, miss out on your own online presence and miss out on real income someone else with an online presence is putting in their pocket.

Ways of Getting Online:

With or Without your own Website:

Make A Living Loving It with Out Web Without a Website

Social Media Presence
Make A Living Loving It Social Media

Social Media allows for anyone looking to own their own revenue a chance to have an online presence, it's often free and east to manage, here are some pros and cons to consider and a list of some popular ones where you might want to get started.


  • Easy to set up
  • Mostly Free
  • Large Communities/Great Exposure


  • Less Flexibility on design and features
  • A Lot Of Competition
  • Limited Anylitics/Stats.

Popular Social Medial Sites:

  Make A Living Loving It Social Media  

Social Media: Get started with your account today!

Click here to see the Guide for ALL Social Media Images.

Make A Living Loving It with Web With a Website

When you have your own website you have full control over your online presence, but there is more work and cost involved when setting it up. But the flexibility is very much worth it.

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