Make A Living Loving It Get Inspired

Get inspired, find something to keep you motivated

Make A Living Loving It Get Inspired
Starting out a new venture is always great because you're filled with so much initial energy, inspiration and drive, but what you want to not loose sight of is how to keep that motivation alive throughout the experience. There's a great quote:

“People often say that motivation doesn't last.
Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”
-Zig Ziglar

So with that keeping up your daily motivational routine should go along with your daily hygiene routine, because successful people should smell and feel great!
Make A Living Loving It Stay Motivated  
  • Ways to Stay Motivated:

    • Remember the Reason you Started:
      Writing down the reason you are starting and placing in a clearly visible place you can see it as you will work will help bring back that initial spark when you're well into the process and may be less enthusiastic.
    • Respect Your Time:
      You and the time you put into your new venture is going to be one of your greatest assets, so giving yourself a schedule that won't burn you out will help stay on track and not cause you to burn out. See more about creating a schedule here.
    • Keep a Happy Work Space:
      Where you will be completing the steps to your success is crucial, make sure you have a space you can depend on that keeps your spirits high. A little organization and the feeling of designating a space for your work does wonders for productivity. See some tips on organization here.
    • Cleanse your Social Circle:
      There will definitely be people who may try to put down your dreams and good ideas, what to do with them? Simple either tell them that they need to change their tune or distance and eventually clear them from your social circle. But if for some chance getting away from the person who is trying to get you down is a loved one, explain to them that if they really loved you, you would not have have to battle for their support anyone who really loves you will understand and support you within reason.
    • Have a Clear Reasonable Goal:
      When you start off, give yourself a reasonable goal that will allow you to reach bigger and higher goals and be clear what it is, being too vague will have you shooting in so many different directions that reaching the finish line will take triple the time. When you are reasonable and honest with yourself, you will achieve each goal as though you were walking up a flight of stairs with the greatest of ease, don't be discouraged about little victories, remember the world's tallest mountain is made up of billions upon trillions of specks of earth. A good foundation with support all your grand dreams.
    • Learn to Recognize Lessons:
      When the outcome of something you were trying to accomplish is very different than the way you planned or it just didn't work out, learn to recognize it as a lesson. This practice will keep you up and motivated, when you look at "failures" and lessons of what not to do, or how to do something better your levels of motivation will keep you on track towards your goal.
    • Give Back:
      When we set out on our own, we can sometimes find ourselves isolated and get caught up in our life's problems big or small and find ourselves in a funk unknowingly created by ourselves. When we take time out to help others and give back especially to those that have less than us, we're reminded of the wonderful aspect of our lives and how we can really make a difference in the lives of others. The uplifting feeling you experience will ignite your drive towards your own goals.
    • Say Thank You:
      You often hear about people blasting messages about being thankful and giving thanks, as non dramatic as it sounds sometimes something as simple as just saying "thank you" with sustain your motivational energy. Showing people that you appreciate what they do for you and meaning it, with make leaps and bounds for your progress, especially since the people you are thankful for will be a lot more likely to repeat the deed that made you thankful in the first place.
    • Be a collector of Motivation and Display it:
      Be a collector of Motivation, that might sound strange or confusing, but what it means is collect and surround yourself with things, thoughts, images, people and any other aspect that might slightly motivate you. Now don't spend all your time on this, because you've got a successful business to run, but in everything you do, ensure that is lifts you up and reminds you of your great worth and how you can do anything and everything you put your mind and effort into, and that you can take to the bank.
    •     Make A Living Loving It Stay Motivated


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