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Make A Living Loving It Plan

If you've ever heard the saying, "If you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail", then you heard RIGHT. Often when trying to build a revenue solely by flying by the seat of your pants, you often end up loosing your pants and shirt in the process. Creating a plan is essentially mapping out your success. It's always best to write down your plan when you are first starting out, that is often when you are most creative and are filled with drive. Don't be afraid to make changes to your plan along the way, think of it as construction on your road to success.


Good things to include in your Plan:

arrow Write down your motivation:

Although you may plan very practically, and do a lot of research, setbacks may arise that might have you second guessing or even make you think about giving up. When you don't allow yourself to forget the reason you started in the first place, your goal is not far away. Click here for ideas on keeping motivated.

arrow Take Note of your Assets

To effectively work well with what you have, you have to be well aware of what it is. Think about this step as taking inventory of your personal stock. This can include physical goods, equipment and even skills or network resources like forums, family and friends or informative websites you can find solutions and feedback.

arrow Research What Needs to be Done:

Unless you are about to create something the world had never seen and is dying to get their hands on, you will need to research what has been done in the past on your current topic/niche. Learning from competition and people who inspire you, will give you a great foundation to launch your venture from. Even if what you are doing is totally brand new there are some things that remain constant, such as marketing and how to let people know about your great service or product. When you know what you are getting into, the more solutions you'll have in yor back pocket when setbacks reveal themselves.

arrow Set a Budget:

Whether you have millions or pennies you will need to plan out how to maximize your financial assets to best work for you. Remember millions can sometimes be spent quicker than a few dollars if they are not managed with a well thought out plan, get more details on  Setting a Budget here.

arrow Make a Schedule:

Now that you know the why, possibly how, with what and how much you will want to plan out the when. The importance of setting a schedule is huge because if (with a big probability of when) things go wrong, you'll know what lead up to the mishap and why. Think about it, if you ever got lost somewhere but kept track of your steps along the way, you could map back to the exact point of when you weren't lost, that is just what a schedule can help you do click here for more information on how to create a successful schedule.

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