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Make A Living Loving It Getting Started
We often have a million reasons on why we want to work for ourselves, become self employed and live our dreams and turn our passions into revenue. But we often get to caught up on all the details and the initial start gets pushed so far back that our end goal seems out of reach. But what one has to do when they encounter this struggle is really just START! There is a great quote that may help you get going:

“You don't have to be GREAT to START, but you have to START to be GREAT.”
-Zig Ziglar

The fact that you found this site, you are well on your way, the truth is when you want something, REALLY WANT IT you start!

Remember you have to be in charge of turning your life into the one you want to live, when you take charge of what takes up your time, effort, thoughts and heart you are in control of your life and you are your own boss. When you think of it that way, what exactly are you waiting for, mistakes are going to happen but so are solutions and success and fulfillment, STOP robbing yourself of the life you deserve. Prove that you want to make a Living Loving it!

Sometimes you're just looking for that "Start" button, well guess what, you just found it! Click it and START turning your dreams in to a reality! Web Hosting $3.95

Make A Living Loving It Maintenance

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Make A Living Loving It Get Inspired

Get inspired, find something to keep you motivated

Make A Living Loving It Get Inspired
Starting out a new venture is always great because you're filled with so much initial energy, inspiration and drive, but what you want to not loose sight of is how to keep that motivation alive throughout the experience. There's a great quote:

“People often say that motivation doesn't last.
Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”
-Zig Ziglar

So with that keeping up your daily motivational routine should go along with your daily hygiene routine, because successful people should smell and feel great!
Make A Living Loving It Stay Motivated  
  • Ways to Stay Motivated:

    • Remember the Reason you Started:
      Writing down the reason you are starting and placing in a clearly visible place you can see it as you will work will help bring back that initial spark when you're well into the process and may be less enthusiastic.
    • Respect Your Time:
      You and the time you put into your new venture is going to be one of your greatest assets, so giving yourself a schedule that won't burn you out will help stay on track and not cause you to burn out. See more about creating a schedule here.
    • Keep a Happy Work Space:
      Where you will be completing the steps to your success is crucial, make sure you have a space you can depend on that keeps your spirits high. A little organization and the feeling of designating a space for your work does wonders for productivity. See some tips on organization here.
    • Cleanse your Social Circle:
      There will definitely be people who may try to put down your dreams and good ideas, what to do with them? Simple either tell them that they need to change their tune or distance and eventually clear them from your social circle. But if for some chance getting away from the person who is trying to get you down is a loved one, explain to them that if they really loved you, you would not have have to battle for their support anyone who really loves you will understand and support you within reason.
    • Have a Clear Reasonable Goal:
      When you start off, give yourself a reasonable goal that will allow you to reach bigger and higher goals and be clear what it is, being too vague will have you shooting in so many different directions that reaching the finish line will take triple the time. When you are reasonable and honest with yourself, you will achieve each goal as though you were walking up a flight of stairs with the greatest of ease, don't be discouraged about little victories, remember the world's tallest mountain is made up of billions upon trillions of specks of earth. A good foundation with support all your grand dreams.
    • Learn to Recognize Lessons:
      When the outcome of something you were trying to accomplish is very different than the way you planned or it just didn't work out, learn to recognize it as a lesson. This practice will keep you up and motivated, when you look at "failures" and lessons of what not to do, or how to do something better your levels of motivation will keep you on track towards your goal.
    • Give Back:
      When we set out on our own, we can sometimes find ourselves isolated and get caught up in our life's problems big or small and find ourselves in a funk unknowingly created by ourselves. When we take time out to help others and give back especially to those that have less than us, we're reminded of the wonderful aspect of our lives and how we can really make a difference in the lives of others. The uplifting feeling you experience will ignite your drive towards your own goals.
    • Say Thank You:
      You often hear about people blasting messages about being thankful and giving thanks, as non dramatic as it sounds sometimes something as simple as just saying "thank you" with sustain your motivational energy. Showing people that you appreciate what they do for you and meaning it, with make leaps and bounds for your progress, especially since the people you are thankful for will be a lot more likely to repeat the deed that made you thankful in the first place.
    • Be a collector of Motivation and Display it:
      Be a collector of Motivation, that might sound strange or confusing, but what it means is collect and surround yourself with things, thoughts, images, people and any other aspect that might slightly motivate you. Now don't spend all your time on this, because you've got a successful business to run, but in everything you do, ensure that is lifts you up and reminds you of your great worth and how you can do anything and everything you put your mind and effort into, and that you can take to the bank.
    •     Make A Living Loving It Stay Motivated


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Make A Living Loving It Get Online

Get Online

Make A Living Loving It  Get Online
When you make the decision to start working from home, working for yourself or turning your hobby/ passion into a career one of the best decisions you can make is to get online. You don’t necessarily have to get your own website, but having an online presence has become so important these days. Here’s why, computers are in the hands of millions ranging from the age of 2 to 100 or maybe even older and people with computers in hand are all potential customers who can increase your revenue. We live in a world immersed with technology no matter what angle you look at it, phones have become hand held computers, WI-Fi is becoming readily available and even free in all corners of the world, miss out on your own online presence and miss out on real income someone else with an online presence is putting in their pocket.

Ways of Getting Online:

With or Without your own Website:

Make A Living Loving It with Out Web Without a Website

Social Media Presence
Make A Living Loving It Social Media

Social Media allows for anyone looking to own their own revenue a chance to have an online presence, it's often free and east to manage, here are some pros and cons to consider and a list of some popular ones where you might want to get started.


  • Easy to set up
  • Mostly Free
  • Large Communities/Great Exposure


  • Less Flexibility on design and features
  • A Lot Of Competition
  • Limited Anylitics/Stats.

Popular Social Medial Sites:

  Make A Living Loving It Social Media  

Social Media: Get started with your account today!

Click here to see the Guide for ALL Social Media Images.

Make A Living Loving It with Web With a Website

When you have your own website you have full control over your online presence, but there is more work and cost involved when setting it up. But the flexibility is very much worth it.

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Make A Living Loving It Set A budget

Set a Budget

Make A Living Loving It Set A budget
The all mighty dollar is often referred to this way because it is, when starting out (and throughout the whole process), it is VERY important to keep your finances in mind and well documented. Although your main goal is not the all mighty dollar but Making a living out of what you love, in the end you still have to make a living because life costs money! Whether you're strongly backed financially or hunting down start up dollars, you're going to have to keep an eye on your financials, like a plant if you don't look after it, your finances will wither away on you.

How and What to Consider with your Budget:

arrow Have a Budget:

This may sound so obvious, but if you have no finances to work with you will need to find some, it may be actual dollars and cents, or it maybe a good or service you have than will translate into your start up budget. Whatever it is make sure you have something to budget. A little goes a long way, but nothing can't get you out of the starting gate, some ventures may just need a dime to get going but plan a way to get that dime.

Keep a budget a side for marketing, marketing can be one of the most expensive parts of starting new venture. Getting the word out about your business doesn't have to take up your whole budget but allotting a portion of your budget to get the word out about your business is going to be one of the major factors of your success.

arrow Be Real:

Putting down, or counting on imaginary start up funds that you haven't yet acquired, will not work in your favor, that is like digging yourself a hole before you've even begun. Having a tiny budget to start off with is nothing to be ashamed of, it may actually be more motivation to work harder, but you have to be sure you REALLY know how much you have to work with.

arrow Acquiring Additional Funds:

When you decide that you will make the leap to acquire additional funds, be it through liquidating your current goods, taking out a loan from a financial institution or from a friend or family member BE SURE that the hole you have put yourself in, is the step you needed to get your revenue to grow. Really look at your situation if you are trying to get more funds that will set you back with no clear way of recovering, it may be a good time to cut your losses and take a different direction.

arrow Interests Rates

So you've decided to take that loan, but before you sign on the dotted line, know what it all means, don't allow yourself to sign a contract that is just jargon (words you have not idea about). It may seem like you've already done so much just deciding to get the loan, where to get it and how to get approved that more work is out of the question. Signing a loan contract without know what it's about is like jumping into a pool of sharks, it will financially and possibly mentally tear you a part. Think of it this way, it is highly likely you will have to deal with financial institutions and their terminology again, so why not get familiar with it now, you'll be way more comfortable in the long run and you'll have a lot less worry along the way. Get familiar with &nbspLoan & Banking Terms here.

arrow Return on Investment (ROI):

When you've placed or are planing to place your money towards inventory or an action plan to bring in more revenue, you always have to consider the return of investment. Practically consider that what you are investing in is worth your time and money. There are some advice on how to &nbspMaximize your return of investment.

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Make A Living Loving It Make a Schedule

Make a Schedule

Make A Living Loving It Make a Schedule

You will soon find out when you begin your venture to make your own revenue, that time is money. There is a great quote from Jean Clervil

“Procrastination is telling your dream to wait”

when you set out to live your dream and turn your passion into income, possibly your full time income not creating a scheduling will leave you drowning in procrastination. Creating a schedule for yourself is literally mapping out your own success, when you set out your schedule serves as your map to get you to your goal. When you give yourself real and realistic dates and follow them, you will find yourself with real revenue not just dreaming about it.


Tips on How to Schedule Successfully:

arrow Plan Ahead

Since you are already have it in your mind that you will turn your passion into revenue, look ahead Planning out your day is great, but if you can look at the bigger picture you're looking at a bigger time frame for success, try to schedule your week and even month and eventually your will be planning out a successful year.

arrow Schedule with Energy Levels in Mind:

Often since doing things you're not always fond of takes more energy from you, you will want to schedule them in first or when you know you have the most energy so you won't run out of steam and not complete the task. Also the sooner you complete something you see as "Work" the less time you have dreading to do it. Get it over with and make more time for the fun stuff! When you make a living doing what you love, you will find that it will come naturally and find yourself less drained than if you were working somewhere you absolutely didn't want to be. When you can turn your passion into revenue, it will energize you and you will see great returns.

arrow Prioritize Tasks:

Give tasks a weight of importance, and obviously do what is important first so that everything can run smoothly. Once you have a good schedule in place you will find that you will find a natural rhythm, you will naturally complete the important tasks first and experience much less stress in the long run.

arrow Schedule Time Frames:

It is so easy to get lost in something you love that you loose all track of time and unfortunately in the business world potential to make good earnings, because time is money. Same goes for when you are stuck with a problem and can't seem to let it go. When you give your tasks and allotted time frames it allows you to move on and advance and not get lost or stuck and eventually running out of time and sabotaging your productivity. Or worse leave you with no leisure time!

arrow Schedule Breaks:

It's great to really get things done and complete multiple tasks, but you want to have the energy to enjoy your success. Everyone knows that too much of anything, even what you love, runs the risk of you falling out of love with it and becoming something you dread. Scheduling breaks is important because, it's a time to realign, refuel and you will find yourself more inspired and efficient.

arrow Schedule a Good Healthy Meal:

When you are faced with a mountain of tasks to complete, we often forget to eat or make mealtime an after thought. Everyone knows the power of the stomach, when you don't feed it, it will cloud your thoughts and change your mood. Scheduling for a good healthy meal is so important because you will think less about the fact that you are hungry, you'll have more energy and a well balanced meal with leave you fit and looking good when you finally reach your goal. Grabbing quick take out meals that aren't healthy and high in calories and fat with give you another big thing to worry about, your physique, and when you are a success you want a matching healthy look and feel!

arrow Keep Active:

If you allow yourself to be tied to a desk all day, you will soon tire of it and find your energy levels low and seem disinterested in pursuing your goals. Keeping active will boost your energy and keep you fit. Something as simple as taking a walk, it can clear your mind and keep you in shape.

arrow Schedule Time to Network:

This is important on so may levels, when you have a product or service to sell you want people to know, you want to make contacts so that more people know first hand what you, your product or service is all about. Networking also keeps you in people's mind so that they are more likely to buy from or refer you. A great thing you can do is combine scheduling strategies, schedule a great healthy meal or keeping active with Networking. Why not have a meeting with someone over a great meal, or jog with someone already successful in your field. You'll find it's the most successful people who have time to eat well and keep active, because they know it's a big part of being successful.

arrow Schedule Proper Sleep:

No sugar coating it, Sleep is IMPORTANT! Don't stay up at night worrying about what you have do tomorrow, allow yourself to rest, dream and drift away so that your body recharges and you meet tomorrow's tasks with a clear mind and energized body.

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Make A Living Loving It Plan

Create a Plan

Make A Living Loving It Plan

If you've ever heard the saying, "If you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail", then you heard RIGHT. Often when trying to build a revenue solely by flying by the seat of your pants, you often end up loosing your pants and shirt in the process. Creating a plan is essentially mapping out your success. It's always best to write down your plan when you are first starting out, that is often when you are most creative and are filled with drive. Don't be afraid to make changes to your plan along the way, think of it as construction on your road to success.


Good things to include in your Plan:

arrow Write down your motivation:

Although you may plan very practically, and do a lot of research, setbacks may arise that might have you second guessing or even make you think about giving up. When you don't allow yourself to forget the reason you started in the first place, your goal is not far away. Click here for ideas on keeping motivated.

arrow Take Note of your Assets

To effectively work well with what you have, you have to be well aware of what it is. Think about this step as taking inventory of your personal stock. This can include physical goods, equipment and even skills or network resources like forums, family and friends or informative websites you can find solutions and feedback.

arrow Research What Needs to be Done:

Unless you are about to create something the world had never seen and is dying to get their hands on, you will need to research what has been done in the past on your current topic/niche. Learning from competition and people who inspire you, will give you a great foundation to launch your venture from. Even if what you are doing is totally brand new there are some things that remain constant, such as marketing and how to let people know about your great service or product. When you know what you are getting into, the more solutions you'll have in yor back pocket when setbacks reveal themselves.

arrow Set a Budget:

Whether you have millions or pennies you will need to plan out how to maximize your financial assets to best work for you. Remember millions can sometimes be spent quicker than a few dollars if they are not managed with a well thought out plan, get more details on  Setting a Budget here.

arrow Make a Schedule:

Now that you know the why, possibly how, with what and how much you will want to plan out the when. The importance of setting a schedule is huge because if (with a big probability of when) things go wrong, you'll know what lead up to the mishap and why. Think about it, if you ever got lost somewhere but kept track of your steps along the way, you could map back to the exact point of when you weren't lost, that is just what a schedule can help you do click here for more information on how to create a successful schedule.

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Make A Living Loving It Niche

Picking a Topic/Niche

Make A Living Loving It Niche

When starting out, you're going to want to pick a direction to take, it's not as easy as saying I want to make money and be happy. Making money and being happy has a specific formula, but a proven formula that works, so many people are already earning full time and part time incomes doing what they love. They did so by identifying something they love doing that others would pay them for. To successfully start you have to pick a topic/niche you want to transform into revenue, you make have heard this term niche often, what does it mean? A Niche is a target topic, some people's niches can be weight loss and others can be out to loose weight by eating fiber, a niche can be as specific as you like.


How to Pick a Niche

arrow Think of something you already enjoy doing:

When you start with something you already enjoy, your chances of greater revenue and success increase because you enjoy what you are doing, are driven to work smart and efficient leading to revenue that will come in naturally.

arrow Pick something you are good at or would like to be good at:

If there is something you enjoy that you are a pro at, that would be a great niche for you to choose, but there maybe something you want to venture into but are not yet an expert at, or you may be a pro at a certain niche but would like a quick brush up or overview. In any case when you want to brush up on your chosen niche online courses are a great way to go. Online Education is often more affordable than traditional brick and mortar schools and you can take them virtually anywhere you have access to a screen, some even give you the option to download the course and view it without an internet connection.

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arrow Pick a Niche that is realistic:

Remember you are just starting out, finding something that is within your means that you can really get off the ground is important. You don't want to get into something you can barely start, if something you are thinking of requires enormous start up that you aren't equipped for, either find some help or choose something more within your means. You can always expand as your business grows.

arrow Think of Competition:

Try to choose something that isn't over saturated with competition or if it is and you are certain you can stand out among the competition then go with it. You don't want to underestimate your competition, but you don't want to let them intimidate you either, know who your up against. The competitors in the Niche you choose can teach you a lot; from what to do and what not to do!

Back to Getting Started click here.

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